the cycle of life story

In 2014, at the height of rhino poaching, three friends – Simone, Faye and René – entered the Cape Town Cycle Tour to raise funds to support the anti-poaching efforts in Zululand of the dwindling rhino population. We were joined by three more friends, two Germans and a South African who were also concerned about the situation and determined to assist. We chose Zululand as at the time it was the hotspot of the rhino-poaching crisis.
Our main supporters, abMedica, who have become our key sponsor over the past 4 years, provided branded cycle kit for the six of us. The following year, through word of mouth, our team grew to 61 riders and by the 2017 event, a team of 112 riders were kitted out to participate as The Cycle of Life team. What started out as a once off fund-raiser, has grown into an annual event and with the interest and encouragement increasing each year, we look forward to more and more
support for our rhino conservation campaign.
We strongly believe that our children are our future and that it is essential that we do all in our power to conserve our heritage and raise awareness. With this in mind, we launched an inter schools challenge. Teams of 8 learners, at various schools, have been encouraged to cycle as part of the team, and raise funds. Adults, too, are encouraged to fundraise and the top fundraiser of both teams will win a trip of 2 nights to a luxurious lodge on Phinda Private Game Reserve
sponsored by andBeyond and Bayala Private Safari Lodge.
The funds raised to date, have been spent in many areas

    • Rhino dehorning – all the rhinos at Phinda were dehorned over a 2 year period. There have
      been no rhinos poached this year as a direct result of these efforts
    • Surveillance equipment installed
    • Anti-poaching guard equipment
    • Orphaned animal support by way of food and medical costs
    • Medical expenses for injured animals
    • Community support – purchasing stationery and school bags for learners at schools in the community
    • Financial support towards the Zululand Reward Fund to pay for intelligence that leads to the arrest or conviction of poachers

All monies raised goes towards the cause and no operational costs are charged by Cycle of Life.