Social Responsibility

The Cycle of Life™ Story

Five Years ago, at the height of rhino poaching, three friends – Simone, Faye and René – entered the Cape Town Cycle Tour to raise funds to support the anti-poaching efforts in Zululand of the dwindling rhino population. We were joined by three more friends.. Read More

How can you help us help our Rhino's?

If you are interested in getting involved or cycling The Cape Town Cycle Tour with the cycle of Life Team please contact us on

Thank you for helping us help our rhinos! Simone and René

Dehorn a Rhino

Bayala Safari Lodge & Camp and The Cycle of Life™ have been involved in conservation projects, particularly rhino conservation over the past 5 years, and actively supported communities bordering the Munyawana Conservancy.. Read More

A sincere thank you goes to our very generous sponsors.